How to use workspace networks to test custom commands

  • 25 April 2024
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Some customers have asked, “How do I run a custom command on just a few devices, to test if it gives me what I need for an NQE query?” You can do this with a workspace network!

First, click the Network drop down and choose Add Workspace network



Add a name for your Workspace and click Next.



Add the device or devices you want to test the custom command(s) on and click Add X devices. Then Next.



Check the custom command group you want to include in the Workspace and click Next and Done. You can also skip this step and add the custom command in the workspace later.



Make sure you are in the new Workspace network in the Network selection drop-down. Go to Settings > Collection Settings > Custom commands and enable the Custom command group.

(You can also add a new custom command from this page by editing the command group or adding a new one.)


Return to the main page by clicking Search, and then choose Take Snapshot from the snapshot drop-down.


This will collect the data using your custom command ONLY on the device(s) in your new Workspace network!

1 reply

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Don’t forget to set the System → Org Preferences → Credential Copying to “Copy credentials between networks”.  

Great post.  This comes up at least once a week.