How do find the serial number of a device in NQE or Inventory+?

  • 30 April 2024
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Forward Networks includes serial numbers in its model as part of the component object. So if you want to see the serial number for a device, you must iterate through the components of that device. The serial number for the device itself usually belongs to the chassis, but some vendors may have multiple controller cards. The serial numbers for line cards, power supplies, etc will also be listed as components with serial numbers.

There is a build-in NQE query in the Forward Library called Device Hardware that is included in Inventory+ by default. If it has been deleted from Inventory+, you can add it back by clicking on Inventory+ > Add NQE Queries and then selecting the Device Hardware NQE and clicking add and then Add.

Note the foreach component in platform.components loop and the component.serialNumber entry in the NQE query code below:

* @intent Information about device hardware

foreach device in network.devices
let platform = device.platform
foreach component in platform.components
select {
Vendor: platform.vendor,
"Part Name":,
"Part Type": component.partType,
"Part ID": component.partId,
"Part Serial Number": component.serialNumber,
"Management IP(s)": platform.managementIps




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This question came from one of our customers! The answer is in the description above.