Collect NQE report Data via POWER BI

  • 25 June 2024
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How can i collect NQE Query Data from Forward Network to Power BI Easily,


Best answer by Tyson Henrie 25 June 2024, 17:51

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@Rohit_809 Kumar The NQE API can return the results in a JSON format.  That is generally the most common way to share the data between platforms.

This is a POST API call.  In the Body of the API you can specify the queryId of the NQE query that you want results from.  It will return as json.

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@Rohit_809 Kumar I found a Microsoft post showing how to ingest JSON from a RESTAPI.  The example is not Forward Enterprise.  However, the ingestion of JSON from RESTAPI is the same.

thanks  Tyson Henrie, i am able to reach and get the all NQE Query id , but not able to fetch the data that NQE query show.




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Here is an example:





  “queryId”: “FQ_6ac3682c92a74b778d98584aea8afa5fe40f2150”




I usually use Postman to test with. You should receive a JSON response to this.

thanks @Tyson Henrie , for the help ,


we write the some queries ,but we are not able to see the Query id filed those q we write.

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@Rohit_809 Kumar QueryId can be found under the (i) next to the query name in Forward NQE Library



those NQE write by us , i am not able to see Query id on those.



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@Rohit_809 Kumar You should be able to see the same dialog on any query in your Org Repository. IF you don’t see the query it is possible that the author has not committed the query so it is visible to everyone. 

Check that the query is committed into the Library, then it will be visible to obtain the queryId